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  • Damaged package(s)/box(es)return!


* By purchasing our product, you are agreed with our company internal shipping policy, and any complain or claim which will go out beyond our policies will not be accepted!

* Our company will not accept any type of return for the opened package(s)/box(es)! 

Please check the package(s)/box(es) carefully before receiving it(them) from the shipping carrier! Please sign your package(s)/box(es) receiving signature only after you will be 100% sure that the package(s)/box(es) NOT have any noticeable damage like: damaged box, torn box, damaged or torn package plastic, dents, conceives or any other damages which can make you fill that the inside content can be damaged as well.  

Please deny package(s)/box(es) receiving from the shipping carrier, and explain the shipping carrier representative the reason of the deny. Please ask the carrier representative to take damage(s) picture(s) or please made them yourself. (pictures are not essential, but will be highly appreciated from us! Thank you,)

CARAUDIO.GE will take the responsibility to return the damaged package(s)/box(es) to our company facility. We will inspect the item(s) inside of the damaged package(s)/box(es) and send a new package(s)/box(es) with no any extra cost applied to the customer. If package(s)/box(es) inside content will be damaged and we will not have the same product(s) for the replacement in our stock, we will contact you to your telephone number (in your account) or email and start money refund process. (may take 3-14 business days) 

If you are agreed with ALL mentioned above please refer the shipping details as well:

Your pack shipment

Packages are generally dispatched within 2-5 business days after payment received. The orders are generally shipped by GEORGIAN POST (with tracking) and with required drop-off/receiving signature. The order can also be shipped using another carrier if that will be more convenient for our company (depending on the customer address, region) with tracking and required drop-off/receiving signature.

Shipping fees calculating according package final weight. A calculated shipping cost will appear while checkout process and If the customer will be agreed with total cost (product(s)+ shipping cost) the customer will be able to finish purchase and money will be charged from the customer credit/debit card.

We advise all our customers to group all your desired items in one order. Sometimes it isn’t possible to group two distinct orders placed separately, and shipping fees may apply to each of them separately.

According shipping carriers’ policies your package(s)/box(es) will be dispatched at your own risk for the package(s)/box(es)content damages! Although, the shipping companies will be 100% responsible if the damages are noticeable on the package(s)/box(es) outside surface which can cause inside content damages as well. (Please refer package(s)/box(es) receiving details above *)

If the shipping carrier representative will come to the deliver address (added while ordering process) and nobody will open the door or nobody will take the responsibility to sign the receiving slip, the carrier representative will take your package to the nearest carrier facility/office in the region/district.

 After the package(s)/box(es) will be received by the shipping carrier nearest regional office the customer will take all responsibilities for any needed cost/charges may apply to the customer to receive/get the package from the above-mentioned carrier office. (including customer transportation or any other costs and charges may occur).

Please NOTE:

1)   The customer will be responsible to get information about the order location/status from the shipping carrier company regarding his/her package(s)/box(es). CARAUDIO.GE will not be able to track the package(s)/box(es) until the shipping carrier will return the package(s)/box(es) to the CARAUDIO.GE facilities.

2)   If no one will come to receive the package(s)/box(es) to above mentioned shipping carrier regional office within 5 business days, the carrier will ship the package(s)/box(es) back to our company. After we will receive the package(s)/box(es) to our facilities, the customer will have ability to pick up the order directly from the CARAUDIO.GE shop(s) (additional back shipping fee may apply) or request a new shipping to desired address. (Extra charges will apply)

3)   If no one request the returned order package(s)/box(es) within 6 months after purchase (calendar) and will not come for pickup to our company facilities (Store(s)/office) our company will have all rights to resell the items from the customer package(s)/box(es) or give them for the charity. No complains, money return, or any other type of material or moral claims will be accepted from our side!


Thank you very much for shopping with us!